How to place a bet on the Grand National

Bet to win

There are two main ways to place a bet on the Grand National.  The first is known as a win bet.  This is pretty self explanatory, in that you are placing a bet on the horse you have selected to win the race.  For example, with a £5 win bet, you are placing £5 on a specific horse to win the Grand National.  If the odds on there horse were 10-1 and the horse won, you would receive £50 back (£5 x 10), plus your original stake of £5.  So you would get back £55 in total.

Each-Way Bets

The other main type of bet is known as an each-way bet.  With an each-way bet. you are placing half your total stake on the horse to win the the race. The other half of your stake goes on it achieving a place.  The number of places that qualify, depends on the type of race and the number of horses taking part.  For the Grand National, bookmakers will normally pay out the place element of an each way bet on at least 4 places.  These days it is not uncommon to see bookmakers pay out on the first 6 or 7 places, so it can pay to shop around.  

With an each-way bet, the second half of your stake is placed on the horse to win the race.  The place element of the bet is paid out at a fraction of the odds offered.  Typically for the Grand National, this is 1/4 or 1/5 of the odds.

So, if you place a £5 each-way bet you are staking £10 in total.  If you place that bet at odds of 20-1 with a place paying 1/5 of the odds, and your horse finishes 3rd, you would expect to receive £20 (£5 x 20 x 1/5), plus the place part of your original stake i.e. £5.  This would mean a return of £25 in total.

How to Bet Online

It is very simple to place a bet through an online bookmaker.  First, you need to open an account, by making a deposit via a debit or credit card, and then you can start placing bets. Simply select the race you want to bet on, select the horse you want to back and the type of bet and your stake.  Most online bookmaker sites will default to a win bet, with a box to tick if you want to back the horse each-way.  Take care to place the bet correctly.  If you make a mistake, the bookmaker is not going to refund your stake.

REMEMBER – if you back a horse each-way you are effectively doubling your stake.

On a race like the Grand National with up to 40 runners taking part, an each-way bet is a very popular type of bet.

Other Bets

There are of course many other types of bet you can place, for example you can have a ‘Place Only‘ bet, where you bet on a horse to get a place, and the entire stake goes on that horse to place at the odds offered.  The odds offered will be less generous than for the horse to win the race, but of course the chances of the horse achieving a place are higher than the chances of the horse winning the race.

Whatever type of bet you decide to place, good luck!  Check out our betting offers below.